Word Play – Amalie Silver Promo and Review








Author: Amalie Silver


Genre: Romantic Comedy



Smut sells.

Michael Rourke learned this the hard way.Struggling to make ends meet as a mystery writer, he sold his soul – and his pride – as he pedaled sex and lust writing under the pen name Christoph Strong.

No one knew he was the one behind the steamy stories on the bestsellers lists. And he planned to keep it that way.

Until he met her.

Monica Singer, an infamous blogger, is keen to discover the truth of his secret identity.

During a chance meeting at a book convention, Michael and Monica form an instant connection. And soon, an innocent online friendship becomes something so much more.

But as Michael starts to let his guard down, he doesn’t realize that the person he’s learning to trust may be hiding secrets of her own.

Secrets that could ultimately destroy everything.






~ Connect with the Author ~
Amalie Silver
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This is Michael and Lauren’s story.

I gave this book 5 sneaky stars.

This book had me intrigued from the moment I read the blurb. This book throws you into the world of Authors, Bloggers and all the fandom that goes with it.

Michael is a writer and he didn’t do so good in the genre that he was in so with the help of his publishers he goes under a pen name and starts writing erotica. Which takes off. He starts to make some money and wants to keep it a secret who he really is.

He is on his way to a signing and somehow it gets out who he is and this shows what he goes through to keep his pen name under wraps. He meets the blogger Monica Singer at the signing and is instantly attracted to her, but she did leave not such a good review about his book. He makes sure that he tells her that too. So of course  he thinks she is not interested.  The weekend has its ups and downs and although they think that they can’t stand each other Michael starts to open up to her. But she has some secrets of her own, and when he finds out what they are will it be a game changer?

This story was funny and surprisingly very captivating. These characters and not just the main ones, were pretending to be so many other people that it was quite comical. It gives you an insight to the world of Authors and Bloggers from the inside. As just a reader it is great to see all the things that YOU know really do go on. As a blogger I can also tell you that this

Author had it right on with a lot of the things that she was writing. This book not only had Romance, amazing sex it had humor and light-heartedness. I loved it and will def be reading more from this author in the future.  Thank you for a great read! A very exciting one




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