Review of Ashley’s Bend — Casey Roop





Review of Ashley’s Bend
Casey Roop

This is book one in the Celtic Knot
Review was done by Melissa a Book Worms Reviewer.
Thanks Melissa.



So basic rundown of this book… Ashley Carter gave up her young adult life for
another person, her high school sweetheart turned husband. She worked why he
went to school, then off to work. Never doing for herself. Even after walking in
on her cheating bastard of a husband, she gave him everything. Her best friend
dragging her off to a club the same night she finds her husband clubbing his
secretary she meets mouth watering, muscle bound, glorious hotty Dominic
Michaels. The club she enters is not your typical booty bouncing (well, in music
club standards), music bouncing off the walls club. No, no this club is non
other then a BDSM club. After meeting Ashley, Dominic is going to get his fill
of her and let her walk because he doesn’t do relationships and actually has
never had one. His past dictated to him a long time ago that love is a cruel
punishment and nobody should ever lose themselves in another person so
significantly that they lose themselves.
Ashley has decided that her life is hers to take back and do the unexpected of
her, so she agrees to be Dominic’s sub. Can she really do something that’s not
really in her nature? She’s not sure but what she is sure of is that she wants
to fix whatever is broken in Dominic that has him running from her at every
intimate moment between them. Something wicked this way coming because Ashley
finds herself in an impossible situation and she’s not sure how to handle it. So
she does the unthinkable…..

forgotten anything because let me say, I LOVED THIS FREAKING BOOK!!!! There I
said it, whew I feel better. I was thinking when I started this that it was
going to be a typical BDSM book, meaning everything was going to be about the
kink. While there is certainly not a shortage of hot sexy situations it wasn’t
all about that. I am not by any means submissive but I would be willing to sub
for Dominic. HE IS HOT and I would love to…well you can imagine. I liked that
even though Ashley was being a submissive to Dominic, she was not submitting to
him. She held her own against him and his mood swings. He acted like a child and
needed to have his ass smacked around a little (pun intended and Ashley was more
than willing to help.

I was shocked at the twist in the book and let me tell you I am drooling for the
next book. I am so pissed at Ashley right now (no I won’t tell you). I
understand why she thinks she dad to do it, but I am no less pissed because
everyone has choices. She made a bad one and I’m not exactly sure how she’s
going to get out of this one. I was a little taken back by the formal writing
but I got over that.

Read this book and enjoy all the fun that I did. I wait impatiently for the next
round of Dominic and Ashley.



ashley's bend


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