Lucky Numbers– Kelly Gendron Review


This is book # 3 in the TroubleMaker Series. 
It can be read as a standalone. 

I gave this book 5 stars. 

This is Luke “Lucky” and Kaley’s story. 

Kaley a washed up child star is tired of her image being squeaky clean. She wants to be a bad girl. So the first thing on her list is to get a tattoo. This is how she ends up in Lucky’s shop. Things happen and it is Lucky that ends up sitting next to her to give her the tattoo. He has a lot on his mind and he ends up putting something in her tattoo that he desperately needs. So after all is said and done he has to seek her out to get what he needs the most. He never thought that he would fall for her. He was just going to get what he wanted and leave. Lucky was just after a good time and a way to tarnish her good girl image and what a way to do it with Lucky. But they both fall and they both fall hard. But neither one is willing to admit it. Well at least not right away. With so much guilt from his past and things that he has done, and with all she has gone through her whole life can these two get past life’s obstacles and be together? 

This was such a cute story. I am sure you hate the word cute but yeah that is how it felt. I loved it. It was just what I needed and not what I expected. Lucky is a great guy and although he tries to keep her at arms length it is hard for him, I think Kaley is his poison. The thing that no matter what he will always want and cant get enough of. It was a wonderful story about two souls that have been hurt and trampled on in the past and finally found someone that they could count on. Don’t miss out on it. ❤




lucky numbers1


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