Goodbye Uncertainty — Jacquelyn Ayres



Goodbye Uncertainty (#3 in the Lost and Found Series) by Jacquelyn Ayres


BECCA Campbell was lost for seven years, until an unexpected person from her past came back into her life and unveiled the truth.
This truth has set her free.
If only it were that easy.
Knowing what she now knows, Becca must come to grips with reality. She has to fight for the man she loves. The man she is meant to be with.
Becca, very sure of her path, needs to get him to say goodbye to uncertainty.
What happens, though, when uncertainty with her is all he’s ever known?
Goodbye Caution (Book #1)
Goodbye Secrets (Book #2)






Review of Goodbye uncertainty
5 Stars
Jacquelyn Ayres

First off I gave this book 5 stars
This is book 3 in the Lost and Found series
and is not a standalone. You need to read all three books.
And I would suggest before you leave any reviews that you read ALL three books.

This series is tied together like no other. The writing is exceptional and you will find yourself crying, laughing, and sometimes very frustrated. There might be a few things in the first book that you do not understand BUT it does come together and then you will understand all of it at the end. Book 3 was bittersweet for me. I could not wait to get my grubby little hands on this after the emotional rollercoaster that Jacquelyn left us with in book 2 but I also knew that this was the last book in this series. I have become so attached to these characters that I did not want to have to say goodbye. This is a series you will definitely want to read over, the first time you will be like HUH?? Then the second time you will be like OH! and then the third time you will be like YES! Ha ha! I cried like a baby probably the whole way through book three, I say this with my head hung in shame. This book series really affected me.

I love all three of these Characters, Grayson, Ray and Becca. And in book three Becca knows who she is suppose to be with, she does everything she can to make things the way they are suppose to be. But when there is so much doubt from all the times that you weren’t sure she has her work cut out for her to convince this beautiful man that this time she really does mean business.
Forgetful Lucy is gone and standing there is a beautiful, shoeless woman waiting to give her life to the man she loves. Can she convince him that this time it is real?

Jacquelyn shoot me now! Drag my body into the back yard and bury me. I have been left speechless (yet I am still talking) ! You have given me a book (a series) that I have never experienced before. You have left me with a broken heart that I am not sure can be put back together. I will be forever changed from this series. PLEASE give it a chance and fall in love with everything Grayson, Becca and Ray! You will not be disappointed! ❤




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