Dare to Desire Review– Carly Phillips

This book was gifted to Book Worms from the Author for an honest review.
We gave this book 4 stars.
This review was left by Leigh a Book Worms Reviewer.
Thank you Leigh.



In the second book of the Dare to Love series we are getting to know two characters from the first book better. Alex Dare is a quarterback for the Tampa Breakers. He’s got the money, the fame, and the women. His life is changed when he takes a life-changing hit on the field. The doctors tell him that one more concussion could leave him permanently damaged or dead. Alex is forced into retiring early, which puts him into a bad place. He becomes withdrawn from friends, family, and the woman that, unknowingly, means everything to him.

Madison Evans is a social worker that becomes friends with Alex’s best friend Riley. She met Alex through Riley and starts having a sexual relationship with him. After Alex’s injury, he forces Madison out of his life. Riley and her soon to be husband, Ian Dare, offer Madison a job with the Miami Thunder to work on a special program. She soon finds out that her working partner for this project is none other than the man that pushed her away. Madison agrees to work with Alex, but she wants to keep it a strictly working relationship. Alex has other ideas, and plans on showing her that after his accident he has become a changed man.

Both Alex and Madison will be confronted with decisions brought on by their pasts. Alex will be offered another job that brings back part of the life he once loved. Madison is fighting for her foster mother’s wishes to be honored. Both are fighting to work on their issues to build a relationship.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Carly Phillips has done it again! Here’s another book that I enjoyed reading. Her writing is fantastic, and the continuation of the Dare family’s stories is great to read.

We have another great book boyfriend, Alex Dare. You’ve got to love a hot and rich football player. We start with a confident alpha male type, but then we see a more vulnerable side to Alex. We don’t always see strong male characters fall from their high and mighty positions. It is a nice change to read a story that shows us that life takes changes we don’t always expect. I appreciate reading how Alex deals with his future.
Madison has an interesting story to follow as well, but here is where I lost that fifth star for my review. How come we don’t hear of what happened after the outcome of her issue over her foster mother’s wishes (trying not to give a spoiler here)? I would like to know more about that. Without more information I feel like the information could have been left out completely. The other big thing is that I want to know how her relationship was with Alex the first time around. The book begins with them already happening and they are at the point of ending. There’s just a big time lapse that I feel I need filled in. Again, I feel a little rushed through the story as I felt with the first book.

Over all this is another great book worth reading. I can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out! Image


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