Key of Solomon — Cassiel Knight– Review



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Book Worms was gifted this book from the Author for an honest review.
We gave this book 4.5 stars.
This review was left by Carissa a Book Worms Reviewer. 
Thank you Carissa.

This is book one in the Relic Defender Series. 

Lexi is an independent, guarded woman and I liked her character instantly. She has been put through so much in her lifetime and on top of that she is destined to save a race that has hurt her from the very beginning. Miko’s the fallen angel is dark and mysterious, the “I look like a bad guy, but I’m a good guy” vibe he had going on was absolutely addicting. And who can forget Rocky, who was my favorite out of all the characters. His 1920’s dress and the way he talked had me laughing to myself while reading the book.
I loved how this story had the perfect forbidden attractive between two main characters. Miko’s and Lexi are two complicated characters drawn to each other. Miko’s has a lot on his hands trying to get Lexi to trust and break down her walls for the first time in a long time. The tension between them is undeniable and I was just waiting for that tension to snap during the book. Because who can resist a fallen angel like Miko’s?

This book was an amazing paranormal read and I was flipping through the pages waiting to see what would happen next. I didn’t think anything else could possibly happen to Lexi after all she had been through in her life. This book is an amazing read and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a fast paced, action filled book. You certainly won’t be disappointed.Image


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