Taking Back Sunday Review — Cristy Rae

Book Worms was gifted this book from the Author for an honest review.
We gave this book 5 stars.
This is book one in the Incarnate Series.
This review was left by Melissa a Book Worms Reviewer.
Thank you Melissa.


Sunday is on the run. Not from an ex or anything like that. She is on the run
for her life. Sunday is the “Incarnate” and has a magic that makes her very
special in the eyes of others. Especially those others that want to bring harm
to her. All she wants to do is be normal and have a normal life. After seeing
the power that is used by her former employer Bernadette, she is even more
wanting to be normal. When she joins a seemingly non-threatening coven, she
discovers just how threatening it can become.

For years, Cyrus has thought of nothing but capturing the Incarnate. He sleeps,
breaths, and lives in all things of this magical creature. He’s already taken
her once and now he and his pack of werewolves need to involve themselves again.
However, the circumstances have changed and he’s not sure if he can take her
back again.

My review…

For someone who doesn’t really do paranormal anymore (was a huge fan for
years)this was a great book. Sunday is a fantastic character, she is a
non-whining (which anyone who has read my reviews before hates whining)woman who
just wants to be left alone and nobody will let her. Finally giving into the
long awaited friends she’s wanted for years, she goes to a coven meeting only to
find out someone is not who they say they are. I won’t tell you, so don’t ask.

Enter badass alpha werewolf Cyrus (swoon), he is yummy and finally getting the
person who managed to walk away after he caught her the first time, he is filled
with accomplishment. Or maybe he doesn’t. There are twists and turns, bad blood,
and oh so much drama between Cyrus and Sunday.

5 Stars!!!! The writing was great and found very very few mishaps throughout the
book. Please read and even for non-paranormal fans this was a great read and I
look forward to the next one.



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